About Us


My wife Sheri and I became members of Pre-Paid Legal Services in 2000. We started using the legal services just to deal with nuisances like cell phone contracts, returning merchandise to a store, or Wills and estate issues. We found that it was so effective in dealing with all the everyday things that we became associated with the company almost immediately because we were telling everyone about it anyway!

In 2011, the 40 year old company (Pre-Paid Legal Services Inc.) merged with Mid Ocean Partners and the name was changed to Legal Shield. Re-Branded as Legal Shield the service has taken on many new members, upgraded its web site, and delivers informative tips and cautions aimed at the consumer markets.

The three things we hear most often when chatting with people about there “legal issues” seems to be real estate, divorce settlements, and Wills with Powers of Attorney. It is great to be able to pick up a phone, call a 1-800 number, and get timely advice and assistance – usually the same day. Collectively our membership is the largest client that our provider law firm has (Mills and Mills Lawyers).

We have been advocates for 13 years, and would never be without the service. Since the membership covers business and personal issues and is paid monthly with no penalties to cancel, there is nothing to lose but your problems!


Protect the things that matter most. All the best, Norman