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Legal News
Issue 12 Volume 3
October 2014


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5 Ways to Improve Your Family’s
Cyber Security

It is easy to fall into bad habits or ignore cyber security at home. With a wide range of personal, financial and medical information stored online, taking time to strengthen your family’s online security could save you time, money and aggravation. This article includes basic tips that will provide peace of mind and help reduce risk.

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7 Legal Tips for Working Parents

Managing a career while raising a family can present difficult challenges for many parents. These tips are designed to help working parents understand the laws that apply to time away from work and make the right decisions about benefits. Call your LegalShield provider law firm if you have any legal questions.

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Online User Agreements: What’s in the Fine Print?

When you agree to a website or software’s terms of service or user agreement you are entering what is sometimes referred to as a clickwrap or clickthrough agreement. Though you likely clicked a box or a link to confirm you read and understood the terms of the agreement, chances are you did not read and do not understand the terms. What are you agreeing to when you accept a website or software company’s terms?

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