September 2013 Newsletter

6 Ways to Protect Your Mobile
Device from Theft

In the United States and Canada more than 100 cell phones are stolen every minute. The rate of tablet and laptop theft is also growing rapidly. It isn’t just your hardware that is valuable to thieves. Your personal data may be used for identity theft. There are ways that you can protect your mobile devices and your personal data.

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9 Legal Tips for Dealing with a Mechanic

Taking your vehicle to a mechanic can be stressful and expensive. These tips are designed to help you avoid complicated legal matters involving vehicle repair. If you are involved in a dispute with a mechanic or have questions about a vehicle warranty call your LegalShield provider law firm today.

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Alert: Predators Using Online Photos
to Target Children

Uploading pictures of your children playing at the park or in your backyard to social media or photo sharing websites could put them at risk. Most smart phones and many newer digital cameras use GPS to tag your pictures with the exact location where they were taken. When shared publicly, this information can be used by predators to locate your child within a few feet.

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