March 2012 Newseltter

5 Ways to Avoid Tax Scams

Tax season is stressful enough without having to watch your back for scammers and crooks. LegalShield has tips for you. The following 5 tips will help you avoid common tax season scams.

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6 Legal Tips to Secure Your Smartphone

The number of Americans using smartphones is rising dramatically. As smartphone speed and technology improve, individuals are using their phone to access personal information. Many users now access and manage business and personal email as well as banking and other financial data from their phone. This can make a hacked or stolen phone a one-stop shop for would be thieves and scammers. These tips will help protect personal information on your phone.

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What You Need to Know Before
Buying a Timeshare

With the weather warming and the beginning of spring at hand, many consumers are starting to consider their summer vacation plans. Some may even purchase timeshares. Read these tips before you consider a timeshare.

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